Mort Drucker, the legendary artist of MAD magazine, dies at the age of 91 years


The comic book writer Mort Druckerthat would draw in the main from movies and series of the journal This ITEMdied on Wednesday (8th) at the age of 91. Drucker passed away at home in Woodbury, New York, and the causes are not yet revealed (via the CB).

A contributor to MAD for more than five decades, Drucker specialized in producing parodies of movies, TELEVISION, and satire, the policies that have helped to make it a MAD magazine that is relevant in pop culture. The name of the designer learned from 238 main to the publication, between 1956 and 2008, when he left us. His last work was a satire of the The Chronicles of Narnia. “I think I drew just about everyone in Hollywoodthen, “ said the cartoonist in the times (via The New York Times).

Created by William Gaines and Harvey Kurtzman in the first decade of the 1950’s, the FALLS is one of the most important publications that focused on the mood you are in. Well-known for his humor, which spoofs both in the works of pop culture, and other social events, it was a source of great artists, such as: Aragonés, Don Martin, Dave Berg, Antonio Prohías, Peter Kuper and Wally Wood. In Brazil, the magazine was published by publishers Vecchi, the Record, the Mythos, and the Following.