Pepe Aguilar reveals to the Scorpion Gold that is the neighbour of Kim Kardashian (+video)


The singer Pepe Aguilar participated in one of the broadcasts more special Scorpion to the steering Wheel, which was made in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of California, United States.

The interpreter of ‘Forgive me’ took on tour to the Scorpion Gold by Calabasas, in Los Angeles.

Pepe Aguilar caused a stir at the count of which is a neighbor of the socialite Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and the american singer The Weeknd.

“We’re on my block to show you the house of The Weeknd and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian,” he said.

About The Weeknd, the son of two of the great legends of cinema gold mexican, Antonio Aguilar and Wild Flower, told that his mansion has security measures to avoid the paparazzi, as well as other eventualities that may affect your daily life.

“You have a security inside of this property that is also full of security. This bastard has a booth in here for anyone chingue because, can I tell you something? here the paparazzi are worse than the puncture ticks”, said Pepe.

He mentioned that the family of KISS it is the richest of the area, and took them to their mansion which is valued at $ 40 million.

“These weyes are the KISS family, have cars, what an idiot. This mother is about 40 million,” he said.

Finally, about the West family-Kardashian, Pepe Aguilar guided the Scorpion Gold to his mansion and he commented that there are constantly transports outside of your home, due to their multiple projects.

“The last time we touched the fire, Kim and Kanye brought about firefighting, did you know that there is fire private?”, he said.

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