Pets and animals also suffer from the routine, and require special care


Luisa Guimarães

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The special attention and care for your pets in quarantine to go for a list of accommodations that the chance for that moment brings you to a new era of homes. For the period, interfere with the daily routine of the inhabitants, including the pets, and the trustees have to act in accordance with the recommendations of the insulation and hygiene to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. However, walking in the street, you can do this? How to clean the paws of your pets? The animals that are at risk of getting sick, or just arrays? What changes in behaviour they may display, and what are the consequences of them.

Andrea Brook is a veterinarian and his love for pets is apparent in the number of residents of the four paws in your house: there are five dogs and 11 cats. The back yard is large and, for the time being, it’s just there for the rides will take place from the beginning of the quarantine, the dog will not have had the most contact with the road. “At this point, I would recommend to all my clients is to not take your pets to wander around outside of the house. But, of course, there are exceptions: if you live in an apartment and the dog is used to your needs only on the street, you have to keep the routine.”

If that’s the case, demanding that the sidewalks will remain, it is necessary to follow a set of guidelines. In the past few days, and have come to the surface in a few rare cases of animals with a positive result for a infection with the virus, but experts notice that the numbers are still very small, with no scientific evidence of transmission from them to humans. However, they can also be a vector, such as an object,” says Andrea. “Well, then, during the ride, keep to the recommendations for distance do not let your pet come into contact with other animals or people to play with them. Preferably, you leave one person in charge of conducting the tour should be coming soon. Going back to the house, it is important to clean the legs, it is recommended.

In the case of a person who has been confirmed positively, with a coronavirus, and the pets should be kept away from his presence, and on the surface of the bodies of them cared for with a cloth composed of chlorhexidine in alcoholic solution. This is because the hairs may have been contaminated, and turned into a vector for other people.

A hint is given by the veterinary, is to stop right at the entrance of the residence of the kit to carry out the cleaning of the paws of the animals. “It’s best to clean it with baby wipes antiseptics containing chlorhexidine 4% and alcohol in its composition. The other way is to make a solution of one part bleach to nine parts of water, and move in the heart,” he explains. The scarves can be found at the pharmacies and in some pet supply stores. Then, it is important that the owners of higienizem hands. In the case of cats, the recommendation is to enable all the outputs you like, but if they had this custom, to strengthen the measures to prevent them from having contact with the road.

Provided that the recommendations of the isolation began, She began to make visits to the home. “We will continue to serve, but be careful. Some of the clients live in buildings and condominiums which do not permit the entry of service providers; in those cases, I try to apply for the presidents-elect training seminar, and I will take you to the hospital. The other, I’m able to do in the outdoor areas of homes, in environments that are bright,” he says. “Always changing masks, gloves, and lab coats, and even so, try not to get too close to each other. In the case of the hospital, on the recommendation of the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine is to prevent the business, offering you the maximum number of possible bulletins to doctors, to those in charge.