Rob Kardashian accuses Blac Chyna of you to have pointed a gun to his head


Rn O you will need to alleged to the court that your ex-girlfriend Blac Chynayou “he pointed a gun at his head and threatened to to killgo for it.” The story was made up by the magazine, US Weekly, and it goes back to a discussion that occurred between the now ex-couple to come on stream in 2016 at home Has Effects.

The publication is said to have been able to access the documents in the case, which took place on the court between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chynathen , after they had separated and while they were fighting for custody of his daughter, the both of you – a little Dream of three years ago.

It seems that the dancer, tried to strangle the brother of Kim Kardashian, with the cord of the phone, and the phone locked up in the bedroom as a way of protecting themselves.

The lawyer, Rob Kardashian believes that Blac Chyna if you were under the influence of the alcohol and drug abuse”. Ever the advocate’s cool to be a dancer would be a third PageSix it was not a “violent attack”.

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