Rock in Rio Festival in Lisbon has been postponed for the next year’s Crop | Jornal de Angola



The organization of Rock in Rio announced yesterday that the festival was no longer going to happen at the end of June, is postponed until 2021, and all tickets already purchased will be valid for the new date or can be refunded to you after the end of a state of emergency.

The executive Vice president of Rock in Rio Roberta Medina
Photo: DR)

The executive vice president of Rock in Rio, Roberta Medina, said yesterday at the official web site of the organization that you’ve provided for such an extension. “In the 9th edition of Rock in Rio, Lisbon, is no longer the case, between the 20th and the 27th of June of the same year, but in the days between the 19th and 25th of June of next year,” he said.
The tickets are already purchased, she added, will continue to be valid for the new dates and the days it is open until the confirmation of the line up. “We are going to wait for the lifting of a state of emergency or to share other information with the ticket holders,” he said, adding that the same is true with the cast and artistic with this issue, and where there were names such as The Black Eyed Peas, Camila Cabello, Foo Fighters, The National, Liam Gallagher, Duran Duran, Bush, Post, Malone, and Anitta.
“Dreaming and making it happen are a couple of engines of the Rock in the River, and two of the tools to overcome any challenge,” said Roberta Medina, who on the pandemic, unexpected,

it affects the world and prevent the holding of the meeting.
“Aware of that fact,” he adds, “we are in the course of the past few days, studied a number of scenarios that can enable you continue to bring joy to the people and to create unforgettable moments, and all of the various options evaluated, we have taken the decision to change the dates of the 9th edition of Rock in Rio, Lisbon, portugal, is going to be an issue even more magical and special.”
In addition to the lack of knowledge about the end of the pandemic in the organization of Rock in Rio, believes that it would be impossible to assemble the entire structure at the time of the new date for this year.

Festivals cancelled
With the stop of the cultural program of activities and services beyond the date originally envisaged,” the music festivals around the world, are to be null and void. Others, such as the Super Bock Super Rock, are scheduled for July and will also run the risk of being delayed.