Rolling Stone · Samuel L. Jackson reveals a member’s favorite of the Avengers: ‘I enlisted’


The actor, 71-year – Samuel L. Jackson experience of the agent Nick Fury in the movies Marvel comicscommented on and opined on the USING in an interview with the web site The Hollywood Reporter.

When he was asked about which members of the Like Us, He initially, he responded: Nick Fury, because it’s me.”Soon after, however, the player changed his mind.

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“In fact, it is the Víuva Black. Init will always be my favorite, because I enlisted, you know,” said Samuel Jackson. In The Avengers (2012), Natasha Romanoff this is technically the first member of the superequipe and get in touch with the rest of the heroes to join him.

“I’m not in the story of her origin [filme solo da heroína]but she is the one person who I approached him”, finished Jackson. The final film in the USING it was Spider-man: Far from Home (2019).

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Talking about The Black Widow the long, directed by Scarlett Johansson he had his debut postponed to October 29 due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.