Samuel L. Jackson reveals why He, the Chief, is it your favorite


Nick Fury is a fictional character central to the plot of the movies by Marvel, and it appears to have been always much too busy to decide which super hero is your favorite. But it’s not for her to interpret, and Samuel L. Jackson in a recent interview with THR, he revealed that do you have a favorite, but it’s the same, it’s the Black Widow.

“And who is my avenger favorite, and why?”, Jackson asks as he reads out a piece of paper. “Nick Fury, because he is me. It is actually the Black Widow”. Check them out below:

It’s a connection that makes no sense. In the movie, nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson, are in a relationship is very close because of the years that have gone on to the SHIELD.

Even though the characters in the Marvel comics, they can appear in the prequels – see you Later, appearing in “Captain Marvel” – the actor has previously said that he was not scheduled to appear in the film land of the Black Widow, which will be released in the month of November.

“Natasha is always my favorite, because I have recruited, you know, it was close,” said Jackson. “Up until now, I’m not in the film, the story of the rise,” he added with a laugh. “It’s like the person that I approached, and all the others are fine.