Selena Gomez revealed that she had bipolar disorder


Since the start of the pandemic, many have been the artists that have made a direct to social networks to be closer to the fans. This is the case Miley Cyrusthat’s a once-per-week to do an interview with a celebrity through Instagram.

One of his last guest was Selena Gomezduring the conversation, he revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder. The singer has told, that for a long time searched for an explanation for their mood changes a sudden, and finally found an answer. “A short time ago, I was one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, in the United States, and I learned that it’s a bi -”revealed Gomez.

The former star of Disney’s the 27-year-old has revealed that he is afraid of the diagnosis, and you feel that it has been liberated, after years and years of doubt and uncertainty. You now have access to information about the disease and can move forward. “When the more information I get, the more you help me”he said. “I wasn’t scared, because I know what it is. When I finally decided that I wanted to know everything, and the fear of the disease has disappeared. And I don’t have to know., he said.

The artist admitted that, even if it is a serious problem, with the right treatment you can lead a life completely normal, and he insisted on the need for the information to be able to face your fears.