Sneaker the Adidas YEEZY 700 With 3 “Alvah” is released in Brazil


The new YEEZY’s 700-V3 does not use a technology BOOST, which can make the model more user-friendly.

While Kanye West universalizes his empire to Yeezy’s adidas shoes, various models, Yeezy Boost, is 350 coming in at a time, he maintains, Steven Smith, Christian Tresser and the rest of the team, from the design of the Yeezy-occupied with the other figures, which go beyond the limits.

The Yeezy 700 to 3, which is reached at the end of last year, he made his first appearance will be in 2020 at the end of the week. Like its predecessor, “Azael”, the Yeezy 700 3 Alvah keeps to its simple colorway. On the basis Primeknit and the overlapping of the mixed material is covered in black, except for the detail YZY QNTM. The midsoles, which are rugged, pre-walking of the Yeezy 700 v2, which is also involved in the reform is grim.

The bottoms, however, a feature cut outs that reveal the damping, the yellow, and don’t Boost, you don’t just chip in even more to the arrangement of the tone, but it also makes the model more accessible than the previous versions of the Yeezy 700.

The YEEZY 700 3 Alvah features leather mesh monofilament layers of the SPS for improved structure and durability. The cage of the universal periodic REVIEW brings out the features that glow in the dark, and they offer a unique look and feel. A construction-style boot gives you a snug fit, while the tongue of the sneaker features reflective elements. The EVA midsole provides comfort, and the cleat style, herringbone brings a unique design and a draw. – via adidas.

The YEEZY 700 3 Alvah is available for us$ 999,99, since last Saturday (the 11th), at