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Fans are looking forward to the meeting of Venom and spiderman on the big screen. The characters of Marvel comics have a long history in the comic books.

In the movie theaters, it could still happen in the movies, But. Sony owns the rights to the characters, and for the time being, to lead a franchise with the clone.

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With this in mind, the fan, and an illustrator for digital Ultra-Raw, 26, created a poster for a possible Playstation 3. The amazing poster brings together the two main characters.

Not only that, it brings up the Spider-Man in the black uniform, was created as Peter Parker, along with the Writer. Check it out below.

It is worth noting that the artwork is not the official version.

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The idea of a fan is a good way. Playstation 2 has yet to be released.

The film is yet to be confirmed, and you have a Young returning to the role of Eddie Brock. In the long term, the Writer moves on to face the villains, Carnage, and Shriek.

The pair of villains, to be lived for, to go with him, Harris, and Woody Harrelson. Rumor has it that Tom Holland could make a guest appearance as Spider-Man, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

The direction will be that of Andy Serkis.

Playstation 2 will arrive in October in the theaters.

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