Tattoo-minimalist-Woman-Wonder, check out the trend on this Saturday (the 11th)


A tattoo of a minimalistic no man’s land ” is the best trend for you to move in this Saturday (the 11th). First of all let us recognize the success of the heroine, and to know the grounds on which it can draw inspiration from for your new body art. Even now, she is a symbol of feminism, which is perfect for women. As well as the other heroes and heroines, Wonder Woman represents strength, courage, and honor. Along with these reasons, you should be inspired by and get your new tattoo.

Tattoo-minimalist-Wonder Woman symbol

There is no doubt that it is the symbol of the heroine’s it may be the best option for your tattoo design, minimalist man’s land”. In other words, one of the famous logo, the character can represent all the features of it, and a beautiful design on your skin. That is, the choice of such a design into your body art is so perfect!

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Tattoo minimalist,
Aware of the fragility of the sign / Picture: Pinterest

The symbol for a tattoo design, minimalist man’s land ” can be done in a way that is super sensitive. Still being inspired by the above picture, where the lines are very thin, and there has been no filling in of the tattoo.

Body art, heroin
Take a look at this other example like / Picture: Pinterest

On a team with superman

Another option is to supplement your tattoo design on female of Wonder Woman is to get another hero. As well as the character proved popular, and the Super-Man, too, is a very well-known, and can be joined with them in their body art. In the same way as heroin, it is well-known for the strength, courage, and honor, and so it is with the hero, who works often with a double perfect.

Tattoo minimalist, Wonder Woman, Super Man,
Take body art to another person / Picture: Pinterest
Superman double
The other model is for the inspiration / Image: Pinterest

A different design

Also, if you do not want to be attached to the symbol on the tattoo, minimalistic-no man’s land”, there is no other option. As well as a symbol, a drawing of the heroine can also be a minimalist, as you can see in the inspiration below:

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Tattoo minimalist,
Here’s how the tattoo was done only in the line / Image: Pinterest

You can even leave the drawing is more minimalist, opting instead for lines in a single color, such as black, for example.