The broadcaster said that the Pharrel ‘destroy’ Kanye West in a battle of the beats


Who would win in a battle of the beats between Kanye and Pharrel?

We are all under quarantine due to a pandemic of Coronaviruses and we all are finding ways of entertaining, a lot of artists are doing in many lives, in Instagram, whether it’s a concert, chatting with fans, or even enemies. It all started with the producer Timbaland, and Swiz Beatz, who began the battles of the beats in the lives of the Instagram. It ended up being extended to a discussion on Twitter, where it started to ask for an epic battle between the Pharrel and Kanye West.

When all the questions raised about who would win in a race between the two, Ebro Darden of Hot 97 in New York city, has jumped on Twitter to vote for Pharrell on Kanye west’s case, the battle is taking place. “Pharrell would He”, posted at the Ebro and on Twitter. “Pharrell has, NORE, Busta, Beyonce, Clipse, Music, NERD, Britney Spears… and I can’t believe I’m explaining this.”

Ebro, he said that the file Said that it consists mainly of songs from Kanye West, along with the other beats, which was co-produced by. The host of the Beats and the 1 quoted from Mike Dean, Kid Cudi, and Travis Scott as a co-producer that He was in need of.Of course, Pharrell emerged as one half of The Neptunes, and the other half being Chad Hugo co-produced with Pharrell.

He actually started out as a producer in the key of Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Roulette back in the early 2000’s, before his own career to take off. Including some of his own artists on the GOOD Music, the book, the production of Y, and it includes Twista, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, and much, much more.

Timbaland, as one of the designers behind battle of the producers live on the Instagram, he has published on the social networks, the idea of a battle between Pharrell vs Kanye west, but there’s nothing officially in progress, as far as we know.