The brother of Chris Hemsworth takes off her clothes in the photo and asks you: “Stay in bed”


Liam Hemsworth, the actor and the brother of Chris Hemsworth, he made fun of the fans on Instagram. The world famous has made a publication in which it appears in seminu.

The brother of the star of the Marvel comics (and Chris Hemsworth is living in the Me) took off her clothes, but it still left a blanket over the top part of his body. Check it out below.

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It was made to order, that everyone in the house. The reason for this is the growing pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Happy Easter! To be safe and secure. Stay in bed,” wrote the actor.

The fans were very quick with the answers. Many of you stated that you “will never leave the bed, with Liam Hemsworth in it.

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Liam Hemsworth is moving to lifetime after the wedding with Miley Cyrus. The two famous ones separated even by 2019.

The brother of Chris Hemsworth’s dating now, Troy Brooks, for 23 years. The two of them are isolated in the quarantine.

According to the Sun, the couple have been in Australia. The actor did not give any further details of the new relationship.

In the film, one of the last papers of the highlights from the Liam Hemsworth, was on the Megarrromântico. The film is available on Netflix.