The challenge for the TikTok with Iza, and more artists, brings a voice and viraliza on the internet


No need for anyone to be in TikTok to find out what the app is, it was a great success. In addition to the various teen just talk about it, a lot of stuff that is produced in a social network, it ends up being shared on the Instagram and in the Twitter. And that, of course, ends up causing the platform to become more and more popular. More recently, the challenge #DontRushChallenge viralizou for a specific purpose that is important: to stress the beauty of black people. The infamous challenge has become so popular that even artists, such as: Iza and Taís Araújo joined in the fun.

As well as Instagram, and the games that involve a before-and-after, are the ones that bombam. Iza, who at the end of last year, has released a song in partnership with the Ciara’s and Major Lazer, he called particular attention to the #DontRushChallenge. Along with other artists, such as Taís Araújo How To Be Anonymous, Majur, Liniker, MC, Rebecca and Lellezinhathe challenge was to come up with that famous “clothing, stay at home, and then appear quite a production, making the chin from all over the world to fall into.

And it’s not only the celebrities who took part in this game, you know? In addition to a great number of of the ireland, which is responsible for the start of the #DontRushChallengemany influential brazilians, is also joined in the fun. By the way, the idea is to empower those who are not part of the standard of beauty and liked it so much, that the other groups have made it a point to do it on their own challenges, such as those of indigenous people. So, in case you missed any, you can be assured that the Purebreak he took the best