The fans create theories about WandaVision from a home video of Elizabeth Olsen


The scene in the teaser of the WandaVision (Picture: Disney’s the+)

In the world of entertainment has seen plenty of speculation and uncertainty in the past two weeks, and with Disney and Marvel, this has been the case consistently. WandaVision, one of the original productions of Marvel comics, announced the platform for the streaming of Mickey Mouse, is one of the most anticipated, but it is not supposed to make his debut any time soon. During the intermission of the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year, and some of the images that have been revealed in an advertisement in the video it said that the program would have its premiere even in the year 2020, more and more complicated, as they are all the products of Disney are being delayed due to the new coronavirus.

Even though the series will be released on the streaming, there is a concern about the dates, because right now all the series go hand-in-hand with the events of the film, and it will always be possible that an exchange of characters between the movie and the TV show. With hopes on high, and the fans began to create theories on the basis of the video posted by the star of the series, and Elizabeth Olsen.

The author of the Scarlet Witch, has made a publication on the social network, with tips, gardening and showing off his routine, and is dedicated to the fans of the Avengers. It has your veggies are planted at the end of February, as he pointed out, and you showed that you grew the tomatoes in the first week of march. Not enough really for the fans of super-heroes, believing that she was actually sending him a message, press to reveal the new dates of the programs, Course, and WandaVision will be made available on the Internet.

They used it as a proof of the fact that he has been talking about the vegetables, then the tomatoes, as if they actually were doing a kind of analogy, because of the color of the clothes of the brother of Thor and the Enchantress. After the news spread, the actress has repostou a few calls in the media playing even more of it. Up until now, she did not confirm or refute the information.