“The Flash”, you must delete several of the movies on the timeline of the DC Universe, he says, rumor has it


Starting in 2022, to adventure, land of the Flash, you really should make some major changes in the time line of the The DC universe. In the report, Especially the Wire, it is said that in the movies, such as “The Man-of-Steel –“, “Batman vs. Superman’” and – “Justice league of america” it will be completely erased, leaving only the franchise “Wonder Woman” and – “Aquaman” without any changes.

That is, though Henry Cavill to return as Superman in the upcoming years, it will be in the form of a “soft reboot”.

The story will be inspired by “The point of Ignition“ where is the hero, he decides to go back in time to save his mother, which ends up greatly affecting all of the other heroes of the Justice League of america.

Jessica Chastain can take the Master of the Mirrors, “The Flash,” he says, rumor has it

The director of the By Andy Muschiettiyou , however, have already said that some of the elements of the story are not shown in the film, such as a war between Themyscira and Atlantis, or the version of revenge of the Batman (Thomas Wayne).

And speaking of the Man-Bat, on the website it says that there is an expectation of this being a port of entry Robert Pattinson in the chronology of the principal. The Warner Bros. if you are confident that the actor can be the lead in a new era of DC on the big screen.