The former James Bond, he wants to see Margot Robbie in as the next 007 – News in film


According to the actor, this is the time for a woman to take on the identity of the 007.

Responsible for bringing to life the memorable James Bond 007 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969, the american actor, George Lazenby you already have formed an opinion with respect to the assumptions that the undercover agent can be played by a woman in the next film in the franchise: “completely in favor of it. During an interview with the Sun, and he came to talk to you about is your preference specific

“There’s an australian actress that is very popular at the moment, and I saw her talking on TV the other day. With Margot Robbie. It would be good for the role. It’s bold, it displays a high level of confidence. People will always believe that you are capable of doing anything to act this way,” he said.

For more than a call-up notice is to be speculated for George, during a recent interview with the producer, Barbara Broccoli he stated that the Bond could never be with a woman,”I think that we have to create a new character, the female characters are strong. In particular, I’m not interested in taking advantage of a male character and a woman to interpret it.”

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Under the direction of the Cary Jōji Fukunaga and, with the help of a script Phoebe Waller-Bridge (The Killing Of Eve, Fleabag), 007 – No Time To Die, it will be the last of Daniel Craig as Bond.