The Great Gatsby is full, which is 95 years old, and a book of short stories, first in Brazil, and was released for the, However,


It was the 10th of April, 1925, when F. Scott Fitzgerald has launched its third and most popular book to date, The Great Gatsby. That same year, he was living with his wife, also a writer and an artist, First and only daughter, Frances, in the idyllic French riviera. As well as the characters in the novel, going out, beverages, and music were part of the everyday life of the couple, Saying that he was well-known not only for his contributions to literature, but also in the life of the bohemian, and the eccentric carrying. And also, like Gatsby, Nick and Daisy, who are the protagonists of the work, and the celebrations will have excessive hidden problems that a few years later agravariam, and would forever change the life of a writer.

In 1927, the family returns to the United States, and the health problems of the central nervous system, have barely started, got worse quickly, to result in of your first stay, and three years later, in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. It is from this context that the relationship of F. Scott and Hollywood starts, marked by many comings and goings, until 1940, when he died prematurely of a heart attack at 44 years of age.

Fitzgerald is one of the most celebrated writers in the history of the literature of the world. Renowned in his time and a key figure in the important Generation being Lost, which, too, were part of the Ernest Hemingway to his close friend, T. S. Eliot, and William Faulkner – F. Scott is really an author’s unparalleled, and his work resonates even today, without losing any freshness, either in their criticism of the company, to the writing style and the mood you are in. The Great Gatsby is full at the end of the week, for 95 years from its first publication-and continues to dialogue with the present.

A fundamental part of a beautiful and complicated love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, in the fall of the false moralism of the rich, are laid out with wit and elegance of style. In 1974, with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow starring in the first film of this classic work. Most recently, in 2013, another version of the film back, to the delight of the world, the story of Fitzgerald’s. Leonardo DiCaprio, Carrey Milligan and Tobey Maguire, interpret, respectively, Gatsby, Daisy, and Nick, in a production that won the academy awards 2014 in the categories of Best Art Direction and Best Costume design.

In the last year of his life, the author, the owner of the other success stories, such as This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and the Damned, tender is the Night, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, were traded in New York and Los Angeles, working in the field of cinema. Décadence with a little less of the élégance of the Era of Jazz music, 15 years after it was released, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald starts to write the stories that would be published each month in Esquire magazine, and it is now released for the first time in Brazil by the publishing house, However: The Stories, the Pat Hobby, (176 pgs., R$ 49,90).

Hollywood, if it does so again in life and now, in the literature, to the writer, at this time, kind of like a symbol of success and the need, as he strove to take part in the writing of scripts for cinema, powered mainly by the financial problems of paying for the incarceration of the central nervous system, and in overcoming his problems with alcohol. All of the stories that are brought about by the Pat Hobby is a writer, which had its heyday in the 20’s, and now, overcome by nostalgia, most of the facilities of the silent movie era, it tries to adapt to the new era of the motion picture industry.

In The Great Gatsby, the suffering and all the secrets are revealed to only a few, among the parties, and fabulous rounds of golf, and the failure of the Pat Hobby, it’s wide open in the first few lines. Once again, the writer is constantly being compared to her character, being that Pat is considered by many to be an alter ego of F. Scott’s thesis is rejected by the translator of The Stories, Pat Hobby, José Geraldo Couto. “Both of them are writers in Hollywood, having lived already with their best years decades ago, the two mulherengos, and when they reached the drinks. But the similarities stop there. Pat Hobby is a ignorantão, a con man who tries pathetically to fool the producers and the entice desks, while searching for some change to buy some whiskey and bet on the horses,” he says.

In fact, in the course of the 17 short stories that can be read on its own, but presenting a linear narrative in its sequence, the Pat Hobby, you are always creating a new plot within the movie, to get some of the contracts, accepting payments, a lot less than what he was used to it. That is governed by the law of the least effort, the writer did not have the malice necessary to save yourself from situations of shame, and are almost never of their schemes, they are rewarded for their commitment. It is tragicómico keep up with the adventures of Pat Hobby, but the prose is impeccable, and the ironic laughter of the Recorded far outnumber the failures of their own.

Pat Hobby and Orson Welles, the writer is bankrupt, he will not be allowed to get in the studio, which she attended daily in the past few years, due to a change in the law. With his cunning trait, he gets a free pass to an officer is important, and there let himself be convinced by an old friend of mine to put on a fake beard. It so happens that Orson Welles was just beginning to become well-known, and contrary to the fashion of the time, he wore a beard.

The success of the young filmmaker’s bother Pat, and come up with the passage of time and the changes that he was not able to keep up with. “The psychology of it, Pat was, at the time, the same as that of the world, and, in a general way, he was like a bull, but has no salary. But now, there was a big stone in her shoe-for the first time in his life, he began to experience a crisis of identity,” explains Fitzgerald.

For Joseph, While it is possible that Fitzgerald has to share, at least in part, to the suspicion that the “old Hollywood” was in regard to the boy wonder, which was seen as a playboy, arrogant. “The important thing is that he took very well to that mix of fascination and reluctant (if not resentful) of the industry to the young Welles. It is important to remember that Fitzgerald wrote the tale before Wells leaves the world of cinema with Citizen Kane, he was still just a promise at that time,” says the translator.

Some of the stories are humorous, and less taciturnos. This is the case, for example, in the Homes of The Stars, in which the Pat Hobby is mistaken by a guide tour through the mansions of the stars of the film. Seeing that the visitors are anxious of the passage of the Kansas seemed to have a lot of money, and he takes advantage of the situation and to take on the role. Of course, nothing ever comes out as planned, and a portion of the money spent, the Pat ends up on the run from an ambush, leaving behind the tourists who have entered illegally in the house of Shirley Temple.

The Stories, the Pat Hobby has just been released for the first time in Brazil by the publishing house, However, a translation of José Geraldo Couto – The DISCLOSURE

When he died, F. Scott Fitzgerald has left a number of stories of the Pat Hobby of writing and the Esquire continued to publish until may, 1941. But it was not until 1962 that the fairy tales are brought together in a single volume, The Pat Hobby Stories. “I was surprised when you browse through the works of Fitzgerald, unprecedented in Brazil, and find out which of these short stories had never been published in book form, between you and us. Even if they are short and written in a tone of apparent lightness, they have, in my opinion, the best features of Fitzgerald: the fluidity of the narrative and the insightful observation of the environment, socio-cultural, and the ‘ ear ‘ for the speech of different social groups, it is ironic, blunt, to the blues,” says Jose Geraldo.

“The environment in which these stories work in Hollywood in the late 1930’s, is a fertile breeding ground for comic situations, and drama in it, Saying nothing is far-reaching. I see it as a sort of “side B”, or a necessary supplement, in the latest novel from the author of the image, and the extraordinary, The Last Tycoon, starring in a big Hollywood producer. And the Pat Hobby, the ridiculous and the pathetic, in his memoirs, the times, and is one of the great figures of the Fitzgerald.”