The hero of Marvel’s “there you’ll find love again”, said the director


One of the heroes of the Marvel comics, you will not have the life of love settled in Me of Love, and the Thunder, and the sundance film festival and was the god of thunder.

During a live, on Instagram, the director, Taika Waititi gave that to Korg, at least in this film, you won’t find a new love.

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“Deeply, deeply in love, and have lost that love along the way, he did not feel courage enough to find love again,” said Waititi.

In the comics, Korg, who is voiced by the próprior director, has been in a relationship with a gladiator on the planet Sakaar.

However, I Love, and the Thunder might still have the representation of LGBT people by the Valkyrie. In previous statements, the interpreter of the character, Tessa Thompson, has said that the film will show the Valkyrie, and now the queen “by looking for another class to call their own.

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The director Taika Waititi and stars the Marvel comics, such as Tessa Thompson’s (Valkyrie), and Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles (the Hulk), had a live-in Instagram to reveal the first news of a Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth movie of the hero of the Marvel universe.

We have put together the following information disclosed, check it out!

Images for concept

Waititi, by accident, ended up showing off the first concept art from the film, in the Marvel universe.

The images reveal that the New Asgard, which was destroyed after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, and is also a women’s version of the warrior, Miek.

Check it out:

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The tone of the Love and Thunder

In the same live, and Waititi also said the details of the story by stating that I Love, and lightning to make Thor: Ragnarok, the colored film of the previous game, “appear to be a serious movie”.

“In the new film, it’s as if we were asking for a lot of children as young as 10 years old what they wanted to see it, and after we said yes to everything,” he described the film-maker.

The other detail given by Waititi is about the hero on the Korg. According to him, the character has its origins explored in the film.

“We’ve played in the culture of the Korg,” said a fan. “It is … if you look at the character of the Kronans, it’s interesting to see where they’re coming from,” concluded delgado.

I fat return?

Taika Waititi confirmed that if I Cursed, a version of the hero appears in the Avengers: Deadline, will return in ” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder.

It seems that you don’T get to see this version of Thor in the Marvel movies:

“We haven’t decided, but I feel like it was,” said Waititi.

And Of Course?

Waititi was asked about the return of Loki. “Oh, it is you… and really, I can not tell you,” disguised himself, the director, and ends as follows:

“I want to kill you Loki, for some reason, I would ask you about it, and Marvel could have told me that they needed it for [Vingadores] The Infinite War. It’s just that usually I find the things that are to come,” he said.

In the same live, the managing director of Marvel comics, has also ruled out the appearance of the Silver Surfer, they bury a lot of the rumour that was being passed around.

Since the characters are CONFIRMED in the I to 4, were:

– Korg
– Miek
– The Hulk/Bruce Banner
– Valkyrie
– Jane Foster as Thor
– Guardians of the Galaxy

The X-Men.

Although it could not have been confirmed to play in the film, a group of villains from the X-Men known as the Starsharks, I took part as indicated in the plot.

Starsharks are nothing more than sharks in space, living in orbit around the world of Gorr, the God Butcher, and eat the rest of the gods he kills.

In the Marvel comics, this is a story that took a young Thor, current Thor, and king Thor in the future that will be attacked by the Starsharks when they were in the fight against Gorr.

The cast and premiere

Thor: Love and Thunder, your character will have on the companies in Valkyrie, Tessa Thompson, and Jane Foster, as experienced by Natalie Portman, who returns to take up the mantle of the god of Thunder.

Christian Bale will be seen as the villain in ” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder. This information was confirmed by the Tessa Thompson).

I Love, and the Thunder hits theaters on the 18th of February, in the year 2022.