the lead singer, Gary Cherone record a cover of rapper Kanye West


For Matthew Barr, Source: Blabbermouth
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The lead singer, Gary Cherone (Extreme, with a pass through to Van Halen), has issued on last Saturday (11th of April) there is a version of the song “God Is”, originally performed by the famous rap artist Kanye West. The original version of the song has been recorded by the West on his album, “Jesus Is King”, which was launched by 2019.

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Gary said that it’s not the biggest fan of West, but they both share the same faith. “Of course, He and I are from two different worlds. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce my audience to this album, and you can move it to see the original version. I’m not the biggest fan of Kanye, but I kept hearing about a new album from him, so I checked it out, and I kept coming back to the music [nota: a música em questão é “God Is”]. I just wanted to sing it in my voice, the rock”, he said Chrerone.

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