The new movie from Ridley Scott with: Lady Gaga gets a date to the premiere


Lady Gaga (Picture: Handout)

The film Guccinext to the design of the Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Alien) is going to Lady Gaga playing Patrizia Reggiani. The project has been purchased by the studio, MGM, which wants to release it on the 24th of November, 2021.

According to the website The Hollywood Reporter, the film, in which the singer will bring to life the ex-wife of one of the pioneers of the fashion, to the Italian, Maurizio Gucci, in that has a claim to being one of the nominees at the academy awards.

Patrizia Reggiani, the character of Her music, she was the head of the thinking of one of the crimes that have most shaken the world of fashion and the murder of Maurizio Gucci. She has hired a hit man for hire, and paid them to kill her own husband, a fact that was taken place in 1995.

The script for the production was written by newcomer Roberto Montvegna, inspired by the work of the journalist Sara Gay, mr. forden, which is described in the business case. In the book it was based on a controversial murder, and immersed himself in the various scheming family members, a lot of these stories that have marked the life of the creator of one of the leading brands in the luxury of the world, and many of them are also marked in the fashion world.

With the purchase of the copyright of the story for MGM and was considered to be a daring and accurate, the studio was able to surpass several of the other competitors, including Netflix, which had also expressed an interest in the history of the assassination of the Gucci.

One of the reasons singled out by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the main ones that the Series has lost a dispute with MGM over the rights to produce the story of the Gucci, it would have been the wish of Ridley Scott’s view of the story being told in movie theaters, traditional, and not on the platform of the internet.

This is the second paper of Lady Gaga in the movie theaters, she has already starred in A Star is Born (2018), the production of which ended up giving him a nomination at the Oscars where it was nominated in the Best Actress category, and she ended up winning in another category, Best Original Song, for a Shallow.

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