The Pit | Possible holes in the script and in the end explained (or not)


Attention! This text contains spoilers!

Well (available on Netflix) has had a big impact, gaining fans, and a lot of discussion about the symbolism, especially with regard to the end of the movie. The writer Renaldo Matadeen, CBR, and gave his version about the some of the key points in the film, commenting on the possible holes in the script and an explanation of the end.

According To Matadeen, Well “it tests the resolve of the prisoners in the tower of the Spanish neo-futurist.” However, the test for the determination of” is extremely risky to do, after all, many of them are there against their will, and even so, it is a bias that is interesting to be thought of. After describing that part of the story, the author describes the ending as saying that, “on the first floor, while the table to the empty back to the chefs who run the facility, and they test it on the greed of humanity, Goreng sends it to a mysterious young woman from the back, to remind us that the world is still believed in hope”; and he adds, “there are a few holes are crucial to the plot than some of the high end of the Goreng”, the point of the movie is the most discussed in all of the ways of the forum and the internet on the road.

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One of the holes in the script demanded by the analysis of Matadeen says that seeing Goreng, and Baharat to go down with the platform, “it’s kind of counterintuitive, because the movie forgets about the basic rule, according to which the platform operates. The elites are supposed to have because of the actions of the duo, and stopped by the rising, warming up or freezing in the levels. It happens, however, that the freezing and heating will only take place if some of the food is in a walk out on the platform, and it does not seem to be a clear-cut rule on the prisoners to go up on the platform, what I believe to be free will in the same way, that is, the choice of whether to commit suicide.

Madateen also supports this idea by saying that “it is the first of his team-mate to Goreng, Trimagasi, you said earlier that you can’t interfere with the plan, and the board have to come out to the prisoners to take their decisions, of their own free choice.” The plan, available here, is nothing more than the idea of the deck comes up on the first floor, with the food untouched, and goes down on all 333 levels back then. The idea is that it is not possible to interfere with the plan, however, does not seem to be related to the attitudes of the denizens of the Pit, and, even though it is not known by us, we have, at any point in the film, access to the workings of the Well on the part of the System, all we have are the experiences and opinions of the people involved in the System. Even the character of Imoguiri (Antonia San Juan), who used to work for the System, he had no clue as to how it really worked in that environment. In short: the same rules that you seem to be a clear understanding of Well it can be questioned, simply because the sources are not reliable.

The second point raised by the Madateen with respect to the controversy about the girl with the 333. According to him, it is not possible for a child to be a daughter of Miharu, because they are “Imoguiri showed previously that no pregnant woman could possibly get in the end.” This, however, is not sufficient to deny the motherhood of the Miharu. As explained above, the Imoguiri turns out that, in spite of being very close to that of the elite that controls it Well, not even that was enough for her to carry the knowledge of what was going on inside the premises, that is, even if she’s insisting in saying, that pregnant women and small children were not allowed, it does not mean that this has not happened, without her knowing it. Although you may be an employee of the System, Imoguiri he was just as clueless about it as anyone else in the Pit.

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MADATEEN – in Addition to this, the little girl is about eight or nine years old, so there is no way she will survive in there for so long. Miharu, nor would it have taken the time to do it, and create it as a child, especially because of the Trimagasi said that no one was in the tower for such a long time. The math just doesn’t compare, and, as she has a suit about the size of a child, it would be reasonable for the elite to know about it, or even to put in a certain level.

This approach has a number of points refutáveis don’t know anything about the survival of the child, simply because they only know it by the sight of the players, obviously that is something claimed the life of a child at that, and we don’t know who or what it is. In the alternative, plausible explanation, here, is that it would be a delusion of the main characters, which is perfectly acceptable in the context of the story, even if it is not, my interpretation of a favorite.

The other point raised by the author in relation to a notice required to be given by the Trigamasi, and also the lack of support is because of the character, although I have some knowledge of the local area, you don’t see Well but as the prisoner is entered into the System. It is important to remember that all of the characters will talk about on the site is subject to rebuttal, if you think about it, each one has their own unique view of how the System works (which I think is one of the best things to do in reflection of the film).

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Madateen also concludes by saying that “it is clearly in the rules that have been broken up by the creative team [roteiro] to add to the drama of the end”, which can be a critical little bit of polished in the work of David Desola, and Pedro Rivero, you don’t have delivered a story that is so complex that it would be amenable to this type of charge. Once all of the rules Well they are explained by the prisoner on the spot, it’s up to us, the viewers, we don’t like the law. This is a great lesson for the contemporary world.

Source: CBR