The Portuguese banking system. Father Dominic gave the blessing of the paschal of the city on the hill from the picoto


The parish Priest of Santo Adrião has left a testimony on the social networks:

“This is the easter proclamation is uninterrupted in the Church, even for reasons of social isolation as a result of the pandemic, Covid-19, we must not shut up or stop to take you to all of our brothers and sisters.
We have to climb a lot harder. We have all been surprised, no one was prepared for!
The final celebration of the community, in our church of Santo Adrião was held on the second Sunday of Lent – the Transfiguration of the Lord. We all need the nourishment of the Eucharist. This deprivation, in addition to the difficulty of the crossing of this mountain of a coronavirus.
In his homily for that Sunday, I said: “The hard path of the Cross, in the midst of a long and painful pilgrimage, to Jerusalem, in Christ’s taking a break to take care of your most intimate of his disciples in the home, to a bright and rewarding for the prayer, and the wonderful vision of the future glory. To have a rest, as the Good Shepherd, who searches for her with the gift of peace-of that peace which enters the soul, and often hectic, the hustle and bustle of life, or the atrocities of the obligations on the day-to-day. They are also invited to take a look at born on the wonders of the natural world, letting yourself be seduced by this beautiful and mysterious harmony. Jesus brings them “in particular”, to a relationship of intimacy, of friendship, of closeness, that is, the light, and strengthen them to rise up, right away, and once again, the forces redobradas. Peter, James, and John to accompany Jesus at the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, to its defacement, in agony, on the Mount of Olives.
And to want Jesus to go up to such a high mountain? It would not be enough to lift our eyes to the hills, to meet with the help of the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth!! Why the irresistible attraction of Jesus for the hills? In fact, the mountains are a fundamental part of the geography staff, and ministry of Jesus, and, well I could tell you how to Pascoaes: “in the absence of these loose in the hills and the woods, and I was not who I am.” Let us think of the various mountains of Jesus ‘ life, as if they were one, prior to the mount of transfiguration, there was a lot of temptation, the mount of the great sermon on the mount, the healing, and the loaf of bread. And then on the mount of transfiguration, would still be on the mount of the agony, the mount of the crucifixion, and, finally, to the mount of the ascension, and the sending out on mission.
I said, then, that we are very close to the monte do Sameiro, under the protective mantle of Mary, and that he will always protects us, and calls us to pray the rosary every day, and a lot of the Picoto, in what amounts to a cross-over of the parish and in our city.
Far be it from me to imagine that the mountain of the Picoto, would be the place that would receive a signal from a visit with pascal, to be released on all the people of the parish – with the blessing of the Holy sacrament, that the Lord will touch the inside of your life.

But, Jesus Christ, on the mount you lose, so to speak, in its character as a holy, but the lord is the only true “mountain”, a true rock: He is the one, the only place in the encounter of human beings with God, that is, it is necessary to get Him to come to the Father, and it is necessary to go down to get to the brothers and sisters.
Here, I will lift up the monstrance over the your house and the city, that the Lord Jesus is the risen lord in all the homes, He provides abundant life for the salvation of all, and calls us to sow hope in the environment in which we live, and to give to those live in these homes, the hope, firm faith, perfect charity, and profound humility.
Christ Is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia”

Q. and on Sundays the Paul Oliveira

(c) is Santo Adrião