The president’s Twitter will provide US$ 1 billion to combat coronavirus


Jack Dorsey, co-founder and ceo of Twitter, revealed on Tuesday, the 7th, they will donate$ 1 million in projects to combat the coronavirus, is the largest donation from a single person in all the world for a cause. The announcement was made in a series of tweets on the social networking site.

Dorsey said the donation, which represents about 28% of his wealth of$ 3.3 billion, will be made in the stock of the Square, the startup for payments where the executive officer also holds the office of president. It is also a good part of the patrimony of the executive board. The money will be directed to the fund in the foundation’s Start Small, and that it belongs to the executive branch.

In the message, Dorsey said that all of the actions done with the money that will be tracked by a spreadsheet to the public, the document points out that a donation of$ 100, a thousand for your America’s Food Fund, a project to donate food to us which was founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, the víuva of Steve Jobs, and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

After the pandemic, the executive says that it will take the resources of a Small Start up efforts for basic income and universal education and health care for children. “Why do it now? The need is urgent, and I’d like to see the impact in his own lifetime. I hope that this will inspire others to do something similar. Life is way too short, so we’re going to do everything we can to help the people right now,” he said.

The donation is from the Dorsey to the time when it is much larger than the other billionaires of the tech. With a fortune of more than$ 60 billion a year, Mark Zuckerberg gave up for the moment by$ 25 million. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has donated$ 50 million.

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