The sequence of The Last of the Hunter of the Witch is being written to it during the quarantine


Vin Diesel he indicated that the route of the stream The Last of the Hunter of the Witch it is currently being written. In his Instagramthe actor was upbeat about the period of the quarantine, by publishing a photo of her in a long for 2015, and typing in: “Some of the best tourist destinations are to be written during the course of this period of time. All love, always.” Check it out:

Recently, the actor has confirmed the development of The Last Hunter Witch 2, and revealed that Lionsgate had already chosen a writer. The name, however, has not been disclosed.

Launched in the year 2015, The Last of the Hunter-Witches had cost of about US$ 90 million and grossed a total of$ 147 million at the box office globally. That is, if you have to, but it was not a successful one which is able to guarantee the start of a franchise.

In the long, Diesel is in Kaulder, a medieval warrior cursed with immortality. He wanders the streets of New York in the present, and being forced to join forces with his enemy to the natural, as performed by Rose Leslie (the Ygritte from the Game of Thrones). Both of them will face each other in a the witch queen’s evil, which is in the possession of a relic of the plan to release a plague on all of humanity. Elijah Wood and Michael Caine also included in the cast.