The stars of ‘Breaking Bad’ is back together to fight the Covid-19


Thes actors Bryan After and Aaron Paul, best known as the duo ‘the Flag’ of the series tv ‘Breaking Bad’ will go back to being a team of two. At this time, to face the common enemy to all of us that it’s the new one coronaviruses.

Reveals Page Six that of one Of the Hombres, a manufacturer of mezcal owned by the two of them actorswill donate all of the profits to organizations that are responsible for fighting the virus. The profits will then be divided by the sum of three organisations, of which the Fund is the Food of the north american, which is owned by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I hope that you and your family are doing well and how to cope in the best way possible in this world. Stay at home, safely and on time. The good spirits will help us to overcome all of this,” reads a statement signed by the two actorsas quoted by the website of the united states.

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