‘The Witcher’. Netflix is sharing the picture of the production of the new season


The the production of the second season of ” The Witcher’ he was suspended from the Netflix but, to make sure that the fans are still very aware that it continues to be one of the bets of the service, the company has shared a picture taken of the period prior to the commencement of the the pandemic.

The photo was taken at the Twitter page of a ‘show runner, By Lauren St. Hissrichto be responsible for the development of the series, which has a Henry’s Cavill the role of the protagonist Geralt. “A month ago, on the set of ‘the Witcher’. The Sun will shine again. Until then, you stay home and be safe,” reads the tweet.

The show’s first season was considered a huge success for the Netflixreceiving multiple reactions a positive from the fans and the subscribers, in spite of the the reception the lukewarm reviews.

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