Troll 2 makes it the best debut of the digital-of-all-time


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The entertainment industry suffered a heavy blow with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which closed the theatres, came to a halt, writes, and has postponed the premieres expected and made sure all the studios have millions of dollars worth of damage. But for every adversity, there is a way to driblá it, and that’s it Man did Troll 2sequence of the animation, in 2016, with Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrickthat made it the best debut for a digital all the time.

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The Universal Studios he decided to release the film in theaters (in places that still have not been in quarantine due to the Coronavirus and in a digital format, while at the same time, over the site of the On-DEMANDor video-on-demand”, such as Amazon, Comcast, Apple, Vudu, Google/YouTube, And DirecTV and the other. And all of these other sites, and the film is in the first place among the most-watched.

In the strategy, which was adopted by the studio, and members of the public can rent the movie for 48 hours, in any one of said platforms, at a price of $19,99.

The Universal did not reveal its figures, but according to the web site The Hollywood Reporter, Troll 2 this is the film for digital, on-demand the most-watched of all-time in her debut.

The success of the Troll 2 in digital format, on-demand, you can come up with a new precedent for other studios as well, who would see this as more of an option to talk to your products. And there is the fashion catch on?

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