‘Troll 2’ to hit all-time record for digital sales, according to the Universal


This is the first film from a major studio to break down the premiere, the traditional theaters and to be released simultaneously across platforms to home entertainment.

The Universal he announced on Monday (13)) ‘Troll 2‘ (Now the World Tour has become the highest debut for the launch of the digital after the animation sequence to be posted to in the last week, video, premium, on-demand, and in some of the cinemas and drive-ins.

This is the first film from a major studio to break the maiden in traditional movie theaters and be released simultaneously on the platforms of home entertainment since the multi-coronavirus has forced the theaters to close.

The studio declined to provide the statistics to provide a context or support for the statement, but noted that “theLive World Tour”” this is the title of the number 1 on the popular video-on-demand, including Amazon, Comcast, Apple and FangandoNow. The Universal he also said that the movie had the biggest opening day and the end of the week, a title of the digital generating nearly 10 times higher than that of the second major release in the traditional home video in the traditional sense.

The FandangoNow he supported the statement by announcing that “theLive World Tour”” has spawned the best-selling end-of-the-week in the history of the streaming service.

“After weeks of anticipation from his first house, a ‘Live Tour’ is now becoming a part of the premiere of the FandangoNow, with the best of the pre-orders as sales on the first day and at the end of the week for the opening we’ve ever seen,” he said Cameron Douglasthe chief of the FandangoNowin the press release. “We’re pleased that the families who are looking for a break in the entertainment, which is so necessary to be thoroughly enjoying the latest film from DreamWorks Animation, in our service to you.”

“Live World Tour”, based on the popular toy-and with the voices of the Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrickit is a sequel to the musical entertainment for the end of 2016.