Yanet Garcia is about a little more to Kim Kardashian (the dream of Jimena Sánchez)


In Mexico there is an interesting competition between the two influencers that are able to move the greatest number of followers in the networks. Yanet Garcia and Jimena Sanchez struggling publication after publication to enchant the public and look like Kim Kardashian. One of them took a step forward in the dispute with a new strategy.

Yanet makes very little showed on his Instagram that he was seen by the doctor of confidence from Kim Kardashian for a treatment in your face. With this, the balance tips in favor of the state of nuevo leon.

The message that accompanied the publication of Yanet was: Getting a Facial “Baby Skin” by doctor Kim Kardashian. I’ve never done anything in my face, just moisturiser and sunscreen, and I wanted to try a new type of facial to remove the skin bad and create a smoother skin. Excited to see the results soon thanks.

If you already the body was of a heart attack, now we add perfection to your facea combination to ensure the first place in Instagram.

This is only a victory of Yanet Garcia on Jimena Sanchez to get closer to Kim Kardashianbut the war continues. In numbers there is still a considerable gap 12.7 million followers against about 7.4.