Young man shot dead in Miami because of the tennis courts from the collection-of-Kanye-West –


Sergio Berben and his girlfriend, Andrea Camp, at the age of 18, went to an abandoned house in the south of Miami, where the young man had agreed to meet with the two men, the one who was going to sell three pairs, of tennis have been designed by the the song Kanye West-in the amount of 850 euros.

It all happened on the 7th of April, on the Tuesday of the last week. As soon as the couple arrived at the agreed place, one of the suspects, George Walton, 19-year-old approached the couple and asked to try on the shoes, which allegedly was going to buy it. On the other, I suspect, The simpsons, ” the 19-year-old, also, he raised himself, and, out of nowhere, he fired a gun. The girl was struck in the torso, to her boyfriend in the arm.

The report, done by the Miami police department, recalls that Sergio Berben, her boyfriend rushed to seek medical attention. The fire department transported the two to the hospital, but in Andrea’s Camp has just died, the aftermath of an injury that was in the abdomen and in the pelvis.

In the meantime, the police identified the suspects through social networks of the spouses of the victims, who had been used to arrange the meeting. Both of the suspects have confessed to the crime after the arrest.

One of the killers told the police that he only wanted to steal it in the courts, and after the experience. As for the perpetrator of the shooting, the authorities did not reveal what it said in the statement, where he confessed to the crime.

The two men are accused of felony murder, attempted murder, and attempted aggravated theft. At the risk of being sentenced to life in prison.

The school, which Andrea attended, where I was just about to finish high school, paid tribute to the youngster on social media.