9 years later, fans of the Marvel comics, are in reference to the secret in the movie


In addition to providing an epic conclusion to the Saga of the Endless in the MCU, Avengers: Ultimate has shown in the death of some of the heroes and the villains, the most iconic of the Marvel universe. The fans said their goodbyes to the characters that populated the films of the company for a decade or so.

Between the Avengers and the original Thor is one of the few who is still on active duty in the MCU, with the film’s debut is scheduled for the next year or so.

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Isolated in the quarantine, a lot of fans of the Marvel comics, they are taking advantage of the opportunity to watch the older movies from the company, and one of them found an easter egg in the Avengers in the first movie of Thor.

As for the post-credits scene of Iron Man 2 hinted at the imminent arrival of Thor in a scene from “Thor” have made reference to the arrival of the Avengers.

The scene shows Thor from seeping into the SHIELD, and with an iconography which is well-known to fans of the Marvel universe.

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In the picture, The Avengers (Avengers) appears as the subtle raised from the ground.

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The next film in the “Thor” marks the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU in the role of Jane Foster.