As a concert venue. The cancelled and the postponed, and that it stays the same


A tango to be danced to be with the two of them. With all the people locked up in the house to prevent the spreading of coronaviruses, it is impossible to meet them in a club, dancing, whatever the style.

In the Uk, according to figures presented by the Association of Promoters and events, Festivals, and Events (APEFE), the inability to bring people together in the same space, and to dance, to sing, to do what you want it to be, it has already been cancelled, postponed or suspended for longer than 24 to 800 pieces. “These numbers will only increase exponentially in the next few weeks,” warned the association in a press release.

“For the Culture Industry, which in the Uk has been the first industry to be shut down, the impact is devastating,” said Alvaro Graves, the originator of the US, Enabled us, in a statement to the newspaper the Sun. “We had more than 100 000 Portuguese work in, or are dependent on this industry. Musicians, Dancers, actors, singers, writers, technicians, producers, promoters, bilheteiros, the wizards in the room, the stage hands, riggeres, runners, assistants, sites, etc. The careers that are not in the recall as the piano in the right pane of the closet. […] All with no income from one day to the next, and of no great forecast for the help.

The festival will have some Depressions, it was an ambitious edition, with an extra day (four in total, are scheduled for the 8th to the 11th of July, it was one of the first to respond to a pandemic situation, in keeping with the date of the festival, and confesses with a tone that is optimistic, that, “we all believe that we are going to get back to normal”.

“There is no such recommendation to close the country for at least six months,” he said. “The deadlines are varied between the 9th and 13th of April, and we are talking about an event that is going to take place in July. It would be irresponsible would be to stop by your business and that of our festival, this is a very important economic activity generates an economic impact of about $ 50 million”.

The festival, which is part of the curation of the Music of the Heart, such as the Super Bock Super Rock (July 16 and July 18), PAY-south-west (4th to the 8th of August, Company’s Beach Party (26th and 27th of June) or Sumol Summer Fest (from 3 to 4 July), and up to the date, it did not change the dates of the trade fairs.

“We’ve been working in close co-operation with the competent authorities in all the areas, of which particulars we will continue to follow through with rigor, having as first priority to ensure the safety and security of the public, of artists, of all teams, and the families of all those who are involved in our Festivals,” he wrote, Luís Montez, the owner of the Music in my Heart, in a communication sent to the i.

“It is with a sense of responsibility, but it is also a responsibility for the whole of the industry that is going through a critical time, and all of our partners, we have followed the situation very seriously and carefully, not willing to give up”, I reacted, when he was asked about the future of the festivals that are organized by your company. “The festival is still a few months away, and we believe that, during this period of time, with the approval of the collaboration, and a sense of responsibility for all, and we’re going beyond the point that now we can cross”.

Also, the festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura remains, for the time being, no changes. “Don’t you want to say that the situation does not change in time, but for now, you’re all set for the scheduled date,” said the i, Jake Smith, is responsible for the Rhythm of the company in charge of the organization.

Festivals like Neopop, a Good Sound, a Sonic Blast, The Door or the Woodrock has not yet announced any intention to amend or cancel the date.

The extended But on the other festivals, and concerts, not to have stood up and announced that they would have had to be postponed. Rock in Rio-Lisbon festival, which takes place every two years, and that it was going to get the Foo Fighters, Camila Cabello, and The National, among others, has been pushed back to 2021. The announcement has been advanced in the written statement by the vice-president of the festival, Roberta Medina, who expressed regret for the situation. “The various options are assessed in, all would require to resume assembly of the City of Rock at a time, which we believe is still not favorable in may, so we have taken the decision to change the date to the 9th.Th edition of Rock in Rio in Lisbon, on the 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th of June, 2021, with an assurance that this will be an issue even more magical and special.”

To the north, to the North, the Music Festival, scheduled to take place on the 22nd and 23rd of May, the Port was cancelled on Tuesday. “In view of these circumstances, [pandemia] we are living in, it will be postponed to the next year”, said to Lusa, Jorge Veloso, the director of the festival, and the producer, Vibes & Beats, and that it was not viable”, nor was it “appropriate” to make the festival this year. However, the head-of-the-poster-story of the year, The Script, The Waterboys, and the Lamb will go into the issue in 2021.

Delayed until 2021, was also in this year’s edition of the Music Festival of the World (FMM), scheduled from 18 to 25 July in Sines, Setúbal, portugal. The festival, Boom, scheduled to take place in the period between the 28th of July and 4th of August, in the Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco, has been re-scheduled to July 2021. The Festival is ministry of education, scheduled for the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of June, in the historical area of Loule, there will this year be held, and is carried out only at the end of the year.

In relation to concerts in the name of the show from Nick Cave, which was supposed to take place on the 24th of April, was pushed back to may 24, 2021. Prior to that time, Metronomy will be on the 21st of march of the next year, the former member of One Direction, Harry Styles, on the 16th of February, and Bon Iver on the 31st of January.

Festivals IN Primavera Sound and the ID of The Limits have also been delayed, but is expected to conduct later this year, and are scheduled to be, respectively, the 3rd to the 5th of September and the 13th and 14th of November. In both of these festivals, all the signs remain the same, with the exception of the ID of The Related to the Conference Collective, and Jordan Rakei, who does not pass in November, “by the impossibility of the agenda of the”artists”.

The metal festival of the SWR Barroselas, which is supposedly going to happen in the days between the 29th April and 2nd may has been postponed. “The world is turned upside down, and it’s going to take a lot of time to get your bearings. For this reason, we chose to postpone it to the 23rd edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest 29 April – 02 May, 2021, and remain at the maximum of the poster, which we had proposed for this year, it could become the Facebook of the festival.

The void There have been a number of events that did not escape the clutches of the coronavirus, and was inevitably cancelled.

The festival’s Earthquake on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, and the THOUSANDS that will be held in several venues in Lisbon, was one of the first to be wiped out, because the date coincides with a state of emergency.

Also, the festival that takes place in Arcos de Valdevez, portugal, with the Sound from time to Time, announced the suspension of all activities required for a wide variety of settings, and have programmed up to the 28th at the Home of the Arts. According to the organization of the festival dedicated to the music of portugal, has been cancelled for the concert on Saturday with the club and Rackham, of the Knot and the Tarantula, on the 21st, and the role of Carminho, which would end on June 28th at the festival.

Series of concerts in his own name, had to be cancelled, without a date scheduled for a second chance to see it, especially with bands such as Swans, Moon Duo, Follakzoid, Russian Circles, Snarky Puppy, Machine Head, King Dude, and Bing & Ruth’s, or Chico’s national judiciary.

Francisco Lobo de Ávila, a diehard fan of the song, I already had a ticket for any of the events referred to above, and in particular, the performances of Nick Cave, Follakzoid, and the festival is IN the Spring System. In spite of the disappointment of not being able to go to these concerts, or have to endure another year of waiting”, you can understand the need to comply with the safety standards. “Even though I have been a huge disappointment to see the concerts cancelled or postponed as it was an inevitable decision, and a right on the part of the promoters, the artists and venues of the tour.

“In the event of a Nick Cave has been marked with new dates over one year of waiting, but it’s a public health, rather than the individual, and the most fun is the most important thing. I think – and I hope that this will not be thought over-optimistic – that is, in the month of may of the next year the situation will be completely controlled, and it can be-and have been-implemented extra security measures,” said the young man at the Port who said he is not considering asking for a refund of the ticket as well. ”In the case of Follakzoid, the salt lick, in the ADAM, and the concert is dated news, but I don’t have the intention to ask for a refund, given that the spaces are independent of it, in my opinion, to have suffered the most financially in this situation. As for the festivals, which have not yet been cancelled, and in the Spring, it was held, I think, that you will need extra measures of safety and security, without them, I think, that you will not be able to carry out. Either way I don’t have plans to ask for a refund from them, but only to be closer to the date, is that it is possible to more certainty,” he said.

In the light of these cancellations, which are damaging financially, as artists and companies in the management of the concerts, you are in the homosexuality movement that is trying to help the injured.

“Delay us, but it’s not up to us to cancel it now,” it is a move in the name of Culture, by a number of artists who are participating in a video which seeks to raise awareness for this very moment. “We are at a unique moment in everyone’s life. The Crop is the first stop, and it will probably be the last one to be able to resume normal activity. To cancel the culture of a country is to cancel the its memory, its soul, its identity. To cancel the crop and you might hope,” he says of the move.