At the age of 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez has shocked the browser to appear without any make-up in quarantine.

The us singer Jennifer Lopez (PHOTO: Playback)

jennifer lopez
The us singer Jennifer Lopez (PHOTO: Playback)

At the age of 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez is still one of the greatest personalities of the Latin music history of the world. The artist, of puerto rican descent continues to surprise everyone with her talent for dancing, and her stunning beauty which also caused a controversy involving the delicate issue of sex trafficking in the last slot in the super bowl.

The profiles of the fans of the singer in social networks that come from reporting on the details of the everyday life of the singer, indicating that it is confined to the family in the time of a pandemic of a new coronavirus. In spite of the large number of requests for lives and for that, she would have to use more of his voice, urging people to stay at home, alone, by the way, she prefers to give her a good example, showing that it remains in the house with the fiance, Alex Rodriguez, and their children. In social media, some of the records for the singer with no make-up on the side of the family to come to become popular among the internet users.

“The beauty of the family,” It is in the us“ they are commenting on some of the fans, and the fact that the singer appears beautiful and very natural in the pictures where you pose with the hair tied up, clothes stripped-down, just like any of the anonymous people.

Most recently, J-Lo released a series of documents and benefit Thanks a Millionproduction of the streaming platform Quibi, which will also feature Kristen Bell (The Good Placeand Tracy Morgan, (30 Rock).

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Thanks a Million it has a special format, explained in the official synopsis for the series: In each episode, the celebrities will begin a campaign of kindness by donating$ 100, a thousand for an individual who has had a positive impact on your life. The recipient will have to pay back the lawsuit by donating half of the money to someone else who did the same, and the chain goes on. At the end of the 10-episode,$ 1 million, have been in the hands of the common people”.