Because Sophie Turner has suffered a serious injury in the filming of X-Men: Phoenix-black / Black


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The film is just perfect. Not only when it comes to criticism and taste, but also during the period of production, that is, at times, result in a serious accident. And X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black it is not the exception, according to share with you.

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In the video The Corridor Crewthat is part of a series in which the stunt doubles have commented on the maneuvers risky in the film, the double, Jesse LaFlair said that to you, because it is Sophie Turner – you have not had your name mentioned – he broke his leg when landed on the scene X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Blackat which he was present.

The stunt double told me that they were doing a scene where they needed to fall, rolling down from the ceiling during a test of the camera. However, the mattress that was supposed to protect them from the fall, I was standing too close to the ground, which was not cushioned very well in the crash of a stunt, breaking a leg, the girl immediately dropped, as it had LaFlair. It turned out to be immediately replaced by a stunt double.

X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black it was the last film produced and distributed by the Fox prior to the acquisition of the company, be made by the Disneyand have not had a great critical success, or the public. A reboot it is very much anticipated by fans of the The Cinematographic universe of Marvel comicsit might happen in the future.

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