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The performances by brazilian artists on the web that have made the greatest success of this period of social isolation as a cause of the pandemic of the coronavirus. In this week’s Assets Also broke all previous records for the number of people watching live at the same time the show up on YouTube. The YOUTUBE the following list of the upcoming presentations for the online. Set-up.

Michel Teló

Michel Teló is going to cheer on this Easter Sunday, April 12, with live, you will receive a donation. The show will take place at 14. The broadcast, sponsored by Paypal PagBank, it will be posted on the homepage YOUTUBE and those who this is already, you can donate to the campaign at the site to states project #UnidosPelaMúsica. The live will be on YouTube and Facebook from the YOUTUBE ( and

You will also be able to keep track of the channels on YouTube Paypal and Michel Teló (youtube)

It is not a part of the project – #UnidosPelaMúsica. The recommendation for people to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the UnidosPelaMúsica the goal is to provide entertainment, and raise funds to support UNICEF in Brazil, the purchase and distribution of the products of health and hygiene to children and families in the most vulnerable at this time, and in particular the residents of the shanty towns and slums in large cities and urban areas.

So+Ing The Festival

On Saturday (the 11th), the event kicks off with the country-of-Chitãozinho & Xororó, and will include presentations of the Wines, and he, Toni, Garrido, Zeeba, and the trio of electronic music to Make U Sweat. The concert will be broadcast on the channel on YOUTUBE up on YouTube and on the home page YOUTUBE.

The initiative of the Group’s Live Agency, the Client, with the support of the YOUTUBEthe project will feature three hours of music a day, and it will also help the institutions of CUFA, and Generating the Hawks. Access to the concerts is free and donations will be voluntary, with the quotas laid down from R$ 10 to R$ 50 or other amounts, which the viewer would prefer.

The duo Chitãozinho & Xororó you will be the attraction of the So+We Festival - Mariana Pekin/YOUTUBE

The duo Chitãozinho & Xororó you will be the attraction of the So+We Festival

Image: Mariana Pekin/YOUTUBE

On Sunday (12), the project’s benefit will begin with a concert of a Maneva, and continues with a presentation of the Orphans, Wrestling, and the group’s global Now, United. The trio is a Big Up-shut down for the night.

Gusttavo Lima

Gusttavo Lima-do it again-a-live, this Saturday (the 11th), at 20h, in their official channel on Youtube. On the last day of the 2 -, the singer, and already had a gig singing on the songs, and it has reached over 13 million views.

Gusttavo Lima-it was a huge success in his first live Play on YouTube

Gusttavo Lima-it was a huge success in its first live

Image By: Play On YouTube

Solange de Almeida & Márcia Fellipe

Solange de Almeida & Márcia Fellipe joined forces to design #FrenteaFrenteSoleMar and the present together in a live, his greatest hits, this Saturday (the 11th), beginning at 16h, in the official profiles for them on Instagram (@solangealmeida I marciafellipe), and its official channels on YouTube-Solange Almeida & Márcia Fellipe).

Later Denan

The singer’s Death Denan will live on this Saturday (the 11th), starting 16, in its official profile of Instagram, and its YouTube channel – /dennydenan – singing their compositions, and to the best of his career, including the most recent one, “the Turbine”.


– Tony Salles, the leader of the band Parangolé, he prepares for a live on Sunday (12), as of 16 pm, the official channel of the band on YouTube /bandaparangole.

Wesley Safadão

Wesley Safadão will live on a Saturday (the 18th), 20, on his official channel on Youtube. During the live, which will feature previously unheard songs, will be taped for the DVD, “WALL House 2”. From the 3rd until the day of the event, online, Naughty, is collecting donations that will be directed at the combating of the consequences of a pandemic of a coronavirus.

Lady Gaga will also be live - Marketing

Lady Gaga will also be live

Image By: Handout

Lady Gaga

The pop singer Lady Gaga will be part of the live from the quarantine as part of the campaign, “One world: #TodosEmCasa” of the World Health Organization, on Saturday (the 18th), at 21h, in the official web site of the Global Citizen, MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Channel, YouTube, and Facebook. During the presentation, fans will be able to donate resources to the health-care workers, combatants from the coronavirus.

The broadcast will also feature the participation of Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Elish, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Elton John, John Legend, Keith Urban, and Stevie Wonder among other artists.


On Sunday (the 19th), the singer, the Rust will live to 16, on her official channel on YouTube. Fans of the king of the pagoda will be able to suggest you the music from the show online, through the social networks.

The rust will take you to their pagoda to the world of quarantine, Washington Possato

The rust will take you to their pagoda to the fans of the quarantine

Image: Washington Possato

Henrique e Juliano

The double-Henrique e Juliano makes a live on Sunday (19th century), titled as “tooltips video website width window with Henry, and She is to 18, on his official channel on Youtube.

Simone & I

On Friday (the 24th), the duo of Simone & I will do #LivedasColeguinhas in the with a repertoire that is unique to liven up a quarantine! Those who download the APP, I useamedigital, you may want to make a donation during the live show on the web.

Gustavo Miyon

Gustavo Miyon will hold a live “Walk at Home” on Saturday (may 25), singing his greatest hits during the quarantine, starting from the 20, in their official channel on YouTube.

Who’s Excited

Following on from the success of the various lives of the region’s inhabitants, and on the request of fans, the singer Luan Santana, will perform on the Sunday (the 26th) with a live special from the quarantine, and singing his old and new hits, the 18, in your the official channel on YouTube.