Christopher Reeve with even Henry Cavill


Christopher Reeve is remembered by the world as a true Super-Man, the one who saw it for the first time, to fly through the skies on the screen of the television, at a time when few others had a single color TV in the house.

After more than 40 years since the release of the original film from Richard Donner’s 1978, we are living in an era in which super heroes are able to work as never before, the format of the live-action movie, thanks to the special effects with modern CGI techniques, motion capture, etc.

The cover of the Man of Steel is now worn by Henry Cavill in the DC universe, from Warner Bros., but, as we all know, the future of the actor in the role is uncertain, since the Justice League has fallen short of the expectations of the box office in the studio.

These are two versions of the giants, which will be performed by two great actors, and the artist in the digital zerologhy decided to join them, bringing Christopher Reeve to the present time, in a version that uses the current uniform of Henry Cavill.

Christopher D’olier Reeve was an actor, director, producer, and activist, has a history of not only capturing the imagination of millions of fans of the comic, but to pave the way for the superhero movies in Hollywood, and has achieved a nomination for a BAFTA.

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