Coronavirus: Mariah Carey dedicates the song “Hero” for professionals in the health – Marie Claire Magazine


Mariah takes a bath in milk, which softens and refines the skin thanks to the lactic acid in the formulation (Photo: Getty Images)

Mariah Carey (Photo: Getty Images)

Mariah Carey has made a hommenagem to the health care professionals who are on the front lines of the fight for a combatear the new coronavirus, the Covid-19. During their participation in the worship, especially on Easter from pastor Osteen on Sunday (12), the singer has recorded a version of the single from 1993, is a Hero.

“I’m trying to celebrate with you at this Passover, this Holy Week. In the same time the story of a time that does not allow us to be together, in person, to be a party and in love with each other. But I am grateful for so many of us to be at home, in safety and in peace. in doing so, keeping themselves safe,” said Carey before the start of the show.

In the video, recorded in her home, she asked americans to “set aside their differences and come together”, “We gather together to lift us up during this time of uncertainty, it does not matter what our views, what we believe in, no matter what our differences are,” said Carey.

He went on to say, “I Want to take the time to recognize and honor the sacrifices of those who work in it every day, taking care of their communities in this time of need and uncertainty,” ended Carey.

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