Daniel Ortiz plans to include the coronavirus in the novel


Daniel Ortiz) (Photo: TV Globo)Daniel Ortiz) (Photo: TV Globo)

The author of “every man for himself”, Daniel Ortiz continued writing throughout the years. It should include the coronavirus in the story, and, for the next “season”, you’ll be inspired in the “charlie’s angels”, as Steve (Deborah Secco), Wren (Victoria Street) and Luna (Juliana Paiva), if drawn against, Dominique (Guilhermina Guinle).

The conversation with the fans

On Sunday, the 5th, one user suggested that the Boninho to put out the best editions of the “WEEK” in the Globoplay. He said: “I have asked for”. Then, someone else said that, I would like two WEEK s per year. And he joked: “I’m to old for this.”

Justification 1

The column gave it a zero in the second, 6 for the lack of subtitles in some clips from the “TVZ”. The note that follows is worth it, but the post-mortem takes place it gives an explanation. They say that sometimes the movies that are only released by the band on the day of the launch.

Rationale 2

“We give priority to the speed of the display of the clip because we are a platform for the release of a greatest hits. We believe that it is more important to put the video up in the air instead of waiting for the legendá it, and, therefore, miss out on the new”, explains.


“Under pressure” to address the pandemic of the coronavirus. It is in the plans of the writers, but they do not yet know which of the two periods referred to, this shall come to pass.

The house

Some of the stars of the american TV returned to the air at a remote station. This is the case for Ellen DeGeneres, who was two weeks away. This week, she will have the interview scheduled by the video. Between them, Jennifer Lopez.