Demi Lovato is no longer a friend of Selena Gomez, and revealed only to talk with Miley Cyrus, the time-of-Disney –


Went out on Tuesday (may 14) in a interview. Demi Lovato the Harper’s Bazaar we can say that it has been considered to be somewhat controversial. After all, we know that the voice of the Cool, The Summer is always very sincere in his statement. Not to mention that, after going through many of the problems and to face up to a break, Demi shouldn’t worry so much about what people will say on the matter. In any case, it caught the attention of the public was the fact that the singer has to be noted that as of the time of the walt Disney Miley Cyrus it’s the only one who still keeps in contact.

“I’ll talk with Miley (Cyrus). It is awesome and I love her passion, and has always loved you and will love you. I think this is one of the few from that era who still talk”, he said. When it came to Selena Gomez for the former Disney and was told that it will always have a fondness for the owner of the album is “Rare”. “When you grow up with someone, you will always have love for that person. But I am not a friend of hers. I will always have love for her, and I wish the best for all of them,” he said. Well, it’s been a while it has been known that the relationship between the two is not the same, is it? Either way, it’s good to know that there is still love.

But what about the Jonas Brothers? Demi Lovato has always had a good relationship with the brothers, and even went as far as to date Joe Jonas in the past, and to go on tour with Nick Jonas during the year to the end of 2016. Well, either way, it’s normal for people to turn away from it, right? And it’s more important than all of this, is that currently, Demi is good and healthy to eat. It is worth noting that, on the next Friday (the 17th) that she will release music in partnership with Sam Smith. Looking forward to hear.”“I’m Ready”“?