Dwayne Johnson confirms that the postponement of the filming of the Adam Black


Because of the current pandemic, that of coronaviruses, with the actor Dwayne Johnson confirmed by live-made in your Instagramthat the sound of Adam Black deadlines have been extended.

In the past, the recordings that were forecast to begin around the end of June of this year. Right now, all the shooting must be launched between August and September, a time In the not end-of-record for the long The Red Noticethe Netflix.

In the meantime, Johnson he stated that the expected date for the release of the Adam Black it should not be affected, since it hits theaters in December of 2021.

Adam Black it was originally Thet-Adam in ancient Egypt, and it has made the Powerful Adamthe first time wizard This program. Thet-Adam ended up going crazy and wanted to abuse his power. As a punishment, the only way to kill the character of a distant star. 5000 years later, he came back to Earth, where they were faced with the second, the champion of the The magician Shazam, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family.

For further information with respect to the Adam Blackstay tuned right here on the The tower of the Guard.