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James Ramos, who was famous for being the father-in-eden-of-Neymar Jr. he turned laughing stock internationally after taking charge of the relationship with The Gill and the past returned. In spite of the pranks, 30 years younger than your girlfriend, and you like to record videos, tackle social media, the model has gained more than 300-thousand followers in less than 48 hours.

Before you upload a photo with the mother of the Football on the Saturday (the 11th), the Branches consisted of about 158 thousand fans on Instagram. On the morning of Monday (13), the gamer has already reached the mark of 460 thousand.

Due to the international fame of the professional football player, a variety of vehicles, foreign, have published news articles about the new affair of The, it is not the only Problem da Silva Santos, the father of the owner of the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

In the u.s. the New York Post referred to the Branches, such as the toy-boy of The”, as used in the United States, to set up a young man who is the lover of an older person. Today, the business has a 52-year-old, while the affair is in the house of the 22nd.

Already, according to a Fox Sports international has given emphasis to the fact that the step-father of Football, is six years younger than him at 28.

Past is combed through

Since the announcement of the love affair between The Gill and James Ramos, the netizens started to dig up the past, a new step in the all-time greats. In addition to the blog posts in awe of the striker’s Paris Saint-Germain, on the web, found the videos with a single unique that it became the reason of jokes.

After the announcement of the new couple, and a couple of videos posted by the Branches of the TikTok viralizaram in social media, with many critical of the young man. “It’s a mixture of shame and others with a lot of embarrassment to others,” said one internet user.

In another post, a Twitter user took a video, in which the gamer to dance in a new way, and the music Used, Justin Bieber. “This is one of the coronavirus into its body,” said.

Another factor pointed out by visitors to the website has been a “dream come true” to Paul. “I know that one day I will get to know you, because I’m a boy, a dreamer, where I don’t give up on my goals,” he said in a message to the player, which was sent in the fall of 2017. Three years later, the model became the star of the turf, and was to become his step-father.

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