Felipe Neto strip to curl with the team, Gizelly of the ‘BBB20’ after criticism


Philip’s Grandson, and Giselly – Instagram

To create a controversy on the social networks Felipe Neto he took the wave with the a team of Gizelly the Big-Brother-Brazil-20. The influencer ended up being among the issues most discussed on Twitter, after that the administrators of the profile of the sister on the microblogging, praised one remark of his.

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After the criticism, the youtuber if you had a lot of fun, in a blog post. “Especially in the Giselly putaço to me, by pulling on the tag for trending topics. For my children, and I have had a version of Justin Bieber, Twilight, and 50 Shades of Gray, and at the same time, to me, proof of that. I have a large Biroliro, fans of the familícia, and the Chief of All. Welcome to all of you!,” he wrote in the microblog.

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It all started once I’m back in a sequence of posts explaining why I had deleted a comment about the Babu, in which he spoke out against the actor have been speaking about the make-up of their love scenes. “If there is a debate in its own black people about something is racist or not, it is not a white man who’s going to jump into the fray and say who is right or wrong,” he wrote. Soon after, he is reminded of the episode of the Gizelly who had spoken to you on the basis of that used by the medical profession.

The official profile of the advogadarespondeu the youtuber. “Scott, I think it’s very valid for you to want to address issues such as sexism, racism and homophobia, even if it is not your place to speak. But, if you can even say that it took 10 years to go from being the one kid is a treat, and correct your mistakes, what is the moral you think you have to judge someone?”, shot of the administrator.

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The team also continued to protest. “Don’t you want to be a champion of morality and of the “politically correct”, this will never fit. And I’ll tell you: if the court is of the internet, you judge and condemn as much as you think, and it condemns today, you will not be easy. Think about it,” he said.