Firefox will live on with songs from his new album, ‘the Vibe’ – and More


The singer-Up.

The singer-Up. Photo: Instagram/@thbarbosa

Up announced through the social networks, on the evening of Sunday, the 12th, they will live on the 23rd of April, Thursday, at 18 o’clock, by singing the songs of the The qualityso , your new album was released in August of 2019.

The singer responded to the requests of the fans, and while we may not have had a lot of the details up to the time of this writing, he has received some feedback from followers, and you asked for songs, such as Caraca Muleke, The daring and Joy and a Bouquet of Flowers.

The personalities are also excited with the news. Iza and all the football players in Denilson, Aloisio Chulapa, and Neymar Junior, has supported the initiative of the singer, the strengthening of the how much a fan they are of the pagodeiro.

In addition to the Up, the studio has also decided to make lives in the host state. Linda Thomas, Gusttavo Lima Turma do Pagode-Jorge e Mateus, DJ, Henry, of York, the appropriate fields that Plane, Leo Santana, Pericles, and the Bruno e Marrone are just a few of the brazilians that will be presented. The Black race will come on the 21st of April (the day of george washington, at 18 o’clock. Already, the Storm Nasty burn to the DVD in that format as well, on Saturday, the 18th, at 20.

On the international scene, Was Eilish, Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tim McGraw, Elton John, Backstreet Boys and Mariah Carey did a benefit show in their homes, on the 29th of march, with national recognition in the United States, in order to raise money in the name of the cause.

In the week prior to the event online, John Legend sang and played the piano in the home to fans in a live stream for the Instagram. The attitude of the player, it was a way to encourage the general public to stay in quarantine to protect yourself from coronaviruses.

The trend of live streaming, but it is not in the best interest of all the singers. Zeca Pagodinho said in the video that it will not, without giving any details as to why. Anitta, for his part, said he did not want to be present in the account to avoid any controversy. According to her, if you can do the event without the band, it will tell you that it was not free, and comparing it to other artists to draw the team, and they will tell you, that she flooded up people.

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