Game of Thrones ‘changed’ things for women on TELEVISION, ” says Gemma Whelan,


Gemma Whelan he believes that the Game of Thrones it had a positive impact on the way that women are represented on TV.

The actress, who starred in Yara Greyjoy in a series of fantasy serves a daily continental breakfast, he said to the Radio Times you have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of female roles in the scripts submitted since the program went on the air.

When I first started, I wasn’t really agreed with the idea that the female roles are major, minor, or whatever it might be. I was grateful to be able to work, “ she said.

Game of Thrones it really has changed things in terms of how women are written out and charted. Of course, it was a fantasy, but the women are painted much more realistic. It may not be on the side of a killer of things, but they are independent and capable of directing the programthe”.

She went on: “Today, a large part of the writing process is going to make all the women in the front and in the center.

Game of Thrones it was shown on HBO in 2011 and 2019 and, while it was acclaimed by critics, the program has often been criticized for its use of sexual violence, and female nudity.

Emilia Clarkewho played the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen the program, unveiled in November, was pressured to perform in nude scenes when the program began.

I’m a lot more experienced [agora] with that, I’m comfortable with what I’m good at doingit, “ she said.

I’ve had fights on the set, before saying, ” no, the water remains’, and they say, ‘you don’t want to disappoint the fans Game of Thrones ‘. And I’m like ‘Fuck you‘”.

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