Get to know ‘Quibi, the new streaming service exclusive to mobile phones


A variety of names in the entertainment industry have already announced projects in the platform
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It was released in the app store (apple’s App Store and google Play Store) on Monday-Friday (6) that a new streaming application: the Quibi. Exclusive to mobile phones, Quibi, offers movies and tv shows in a small format, with a maximum of 10 minutes.

The name comes from the abbreviation of “quick bites”, or “nipped”.

Developed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former chairman of the walt Disney world and is a co-founder of Dreamworks, and Meg Whitman, the executive who oversaw the web site of eBay, the production has a budget of up to US$ 1.75 billion in equity investments from Sony Pictures, Disney and Warner brothers.

A variety of names in the entertainment industry have already announced productions of the platform, such as Steven Spielberg, who will be launching the After Dark horror that can only be watched at night. In line with the reality shows, and appears Chrissy”s Court, the court, in which the model and actress Chrissy Teigen is a judge, mediating disputes that are irrelevant. Another highlight is Punk’d, the “classic” prank on MTV in the early to mid-2000s, and starred in by Chance the Rapper.

Jennifer Lopez, LeBron James, Liam Hemsworth, Reese Witherspoon and Sophie Turner are just some of the stars of the production, which is already available in the catalogue of the Quibi.

The service was launched in the us for$ 5 more, and$ 8 with no commercials. In Brazil, the subscription will go to R$ 32,90 — up with three months of free access to the test and find out if it is the format that is suited to the tastes of the user.

Designed to be played in between all the long videos on YouTube, and the conversion of Tik Tok, and Instagram, the Quibi can be seen in the horizontally and / or vertically, that could be adapted to the screen.

The service allows you to list the films and tv shows to watch offline, and to find information on the production. There’s no voice acting or subtitles, which could get in the way of the popularity of the platform in Brazil.


the Quibi 50 productions, and it provides for the release of up to 175 titles by the end of 2020. The titles vary from reality shows, documentaries, and tv shows — as seen in a host of other services.

The service is exclusive to mobile only, and may not be re-transmitted to the computers, or display screens, which ends up making the experience very lonely. It is designed to “fit” in the times of the passage of the day: waiting in a queue, on a bus, in a smoke break or before you go to bed.