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Olaf in Frozen 2 (In Play, of YouTube – the Walt Disney Studios will RELEASE.

Olaf it is definitely one of the new ones State of the. And for those who like to hung up and the snowman is a great new feature: It can be seen in the animated series At-Home-With-Olaf.

The animation, in which Olaf appears that interacting with the other dolls in the snow, and it was created and produced by animator Hyrum Osmond. Already, the american actor Josh Gad is in charge, just like in the movies, the role of the character. The episodes of the series are to be checked every day on Twitter, and on YouTube, from Walt Disney Studios.

Check out the preview:

Frozen 2

Olaf can be seen most recently in the wake of the successful animated Disney. Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the screenplay is written by Lee in the movie, comes with Elsa and her friends on a remarkable journey to in addition to from Arendelle, full of discoveries and adventures.

The cast members of the show’s original account Bruklin Menzel in the role of Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, Josh Gad as Olaf, Santino Fontana as Hans, Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen Iduna, Alfred Molina as King Agnarr, Sterling K. Brown as a Lieutenant Mattias, Rachel Matthews, as Honeymaren, Martha Pimpton, as Yelana, and Jason Ritter as a Ryder.

The sequence of the film in 2013, he made a great journey in madrid. With a budget of$ 150 million, the production has grossed over$ 1.4 billion at the box office around the world, and the one that clinched the record for the highest collections of all time for an animated film. In addition to the success of the project, the film has also received a number of positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, for example, has the approval of 77% based on 312 ratings. The consensus of the critics: “The Frozen 2 unable to recapture the sensation is spectacular as its predecessor, but it’s still an inspiring adventure into the unknown.”

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