Hampered by the hiv pandemic, “Stupid”, “Love” falls off the charts in the United States


The 10th of April. To this day, it is celebrated on the Outcome of the good Friday, an important date on the christian religious. However, it was also marked a turning point for the pop of it: the launch of the “Chromatica”, the sixth full-length studio album from Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, their plans were thwarted by a coronavirus.

The world practically came to a standstill as a function of the hiv pandemic, and the music business has been affected by it, because the shows and the concerts, with the hamlets are not recommended. In addition to this, the mood is that of grief and apprehension, which is very different from that of the album, which is Gaga at her best plan to.

“I wanted to tell you that, after much deliberation, I have made my decision incredibly hard to delay the release of the ‘Chromatica’. I will declare a new date in the year 2020, the in short”, he wrote to the united states in a statement published on the social network. “I’ve had a lot of fun things planned for celebrássemos together. I had a set of the secret in a Friend, and a lot of the other surprises are legal, some of which also plan to share very soon! ‘Chromatica’ is still on the way, and I can’t wait.

What do we know about the album? Well… The first step was the release of the new single “Stupid Love”, a song that reached # 5 in the stop, the Billboard Hot 100, and remains in the top 30.

The fans are waiting to see how Gaga would do a reading of the song, in a performance of the song, but you don’t have the time to do it.

Lady Gaga also released the cover art for the official commitment to a concept of the eccentric black-and-pink:

Regarding partnerships, there is a strong rumor going around that Ariana Grande might be involved. The so-called title, it’s “Rain On Me” and the producer-Tommy Brown, just dropping in on the existence of the song.

Regarding a release date, there is no prediction as to what will not be a guarantee that it will be even by the year 2020. The official website to get to the place as of 31 December, the last day of the year, and the products on pre-order, but some may want to understand that there is a limit, and it does not mean that it will be released, actually on the day.

The producers involved are BloodPop and Tchami, both of them major names in the music industry.

Unfortunately, Lady Gaga is suffering from leaks, and all the things that tend to go out sooner than expected. On the internet, and roll the threat of a leak of the song. For the sake of the pops, in spite of the anxiety, we hope that it won’t happen. We expect to hear at just the right time, that is the most appropriate. To rely on the Mother Monster, she knows what she’s doing.