If you watched The Witcher, you could have saved the jobs to Poland; understands

Polland, The Witcher
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The success of the series The Witcher he made his first season in the Netflix it may have been more creepy critters than his audience may have realized. This is because of the adventure, surrounded by the Henry Cavill pulled up next to it with its visibility, a whole flood of people wanting to know more about Geralt of Rivia.

And it is this interest that has led not only to the books that gave rise to this entire universe that is reported, as well as the gameswhere’s the franchise, she went on with success. And here’s where it gets cool for the people of poland, the land where the character has been created. In the last segment of the game The Witcher 3 registered from a peak of no less than 74 thousand of online players giving (or reconferindo the game on the platform Steam.

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CD Projekt is celebrating the success of the home office, and Cyberpunk 2077 to follow a confirmed to take place in September

It was in the Steam also, the wizard has secured more than a buck for a studio, developer, Polish CD PROJEKThaving generated a sales volume higher than the Us $ 50 milliona little more than $ 250 million reais at the current exchange rate. Check this out here.

The money is going to help you in your time of crisis

As we all know, a pandemic caused by the COVID-19 generated a number of problems in the games industry, such as the closing of factories, the closing of the offices, and the postponement of the game. However, thanks to the development of the show The Witcherthe The CD PROJECT able to organize and financially, in such a way that the global economic downturn that is approaching is not going to generate any direct impact on the employment of the studio.

Cyberpunk 2077 would also like to thank

The whole of the trust the foregoing is supported by what is in the report on the financial issued by the company, in which we celebrate the “fat” won. On the face of it, Adam Kicińskiexecutive of the CD PROJEKTleft you a few words about the experience, and also ensured that Cyberpunk 2077next game, the company is fully secured within the promised date.

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Show runner-of-The-Witcher share a photo from the second season.

Our plans have not changed – we are getting closer to the release of the Cyberpunk in the following September. There is a lack of motivation, and we also have all of the tools you need to facilitate remote working. We have worked in this way for more than three weeks ago, and the current results confirm that we cannot continue our operations without major interruption.“.

As a result, all the people who have given up a play of trust and confidence in the show’s Netflixthat can be considered responsible for the maintenance of some employment there, in which he lives. “Nie ma za co co co co co” it is “Nothing” in a single volume.

Bonus: Speaking at the redeemed…

He also secured a buck (literally!) it was William Briggsthe voice of the Geralt in Brazil. During a tour of the martin, for a shopping mall, a lot of fans of the character recognized by Guilherme, and was asked for a photo of the side of the trader, but not without offering a fair traded for the duration of brazilian. See the full story at here.

The image may include the following: 2 the people who walk

In the second year of The Witcher is taken for granted, but the shooting was stalled because of the pandemic, the COVID-19, leaving only a the picture the sense of accomplishment.