In the face of the uncertainties of the pandemic, it is necessary to take a look confident


Today, on the second Monday of the Angel, and heard the joyful announcement of the resurrection of jesus Christ. He was the one who pointed out to the Pope at the beginning of the speech, which was preceded by the Regina Coelithe marian prayer that is in the period of pascal, it replaces the Angelus, led by san Francisco in the middle of the day on Monday (the 13th) at the Library of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

The page in the gospel (Mt 28,8-15) tells us that the women, frightened, fled in haste to the tomb of Jesus, which they found empty, but Jesus himself will appear saying: “do Not be afraid.” Go and announce to my brothers to go into Galilee. There they will see me” (v. 10).

For the women, the admirable example of fidelity to Christ and the

With these few words, ” said the Holy Father, the Risen one entrusts to the women’s missionary mandate, in relation to the Apostles. Indeed, they “have given an admirable example of the fidelity, the devotion, and the love of Christ at the time of his public life, as well as during his passion: “now you are rewarded for It with his attention and love,” he noted, adding that “women, in the beginning, Mary at the start; the women, in the first place.”

First of all, the women, the disciples, and particularly Peter, are the reality of the resurrection. Jesus was most often foretold to him the coming, after the passion and the cross, to rise again, the disciples could not understand, because they were not yet ready. Their faith had to take a leap forward in quality, and that it is only the Holy Spirit, the gift of the Risen lord, he could tease.

To give one’s life for Christ

At the beginning of the book of the Acts of the Apostles, the Pope said, we have heard Peter speak freely, with courage, with frankness, that “This Jesus God raised up again, and we are all witnesses” (Acts 2.32 per). Like saying, “I am the life for him. And once you give your life for It.”

And in that moment, the proclamation that Christ is risen, spread out in all the right places, and it has reached all four corners of the earth, and making it a message of hope for all of you.

The resurrection: the last word-it is not death, but life

“The death and resurrection of Jesus tells us that it is the last word, it is not death, but life. He raised his only begotten Son, God the Father and was made manifest in the fullness of his love and his mercy for all of mankind for all time.”

“If Christ is risen it is possible to look with confidence for the whole of the event on the whole of our existence, even in the most difficult and filled with anxiety and uncertainty,” said the Pope.

Originally published in the Holy See (Vatican City) News.